Švédská partnerská škola

Wendela Hellmanskolan is located in Härnösand, 5 h north of Stockholm. The school started in 2017. It´s a secondary school for pupils in the age of 12-16, teaching 17 subjects. Catchment areas are both in city and outside Härnösand. The school employs 68 employees (1 headmaster, 1 deputy headmaster, teachers, assistants, Student Health Team) We have a school council consisting of headmaster, teachers and parents. We also have a Student Council with the purpose to monitor their education, be involved in planning, implementation and evaluation. In Sweden all students learn English from – at least – third grade. The students master the language satisfactory. All pupils have a computer. We use ICT in our communication, work and material. Building European partnerships is a good way of working with internationalization and breaking barriers between different countries/cultures. This will be our first Erasmus project derived from the result of needs analysis after a survey we conveyed.

What are the organisation’s activities in the field of this application?

We pay attention to abilities/skills students have (music, acting, sports, language). We are participating in competitions and local contests. We have been successfully in national competitions in English, German, Spanish, Science, Technique and Mathematics. Now we will use this competence to focus on musical/acting skills and through aesthetic expressions let students improve their learning and find community within the diversity in school and nationally/internationally. The staff has good capacity for the planned activities. Our project group consists of English teachers (supporting in language skills), an ICT-teacher (responsible for digital issues), a drama teacher, a music teacher. an assistant and the key leader (support both in language and in organisational issues). Student Health Team will help us prepare visits abroad/activities when we´re hosts, they also take care of students with special needs. We also have got TMO-ambassadors (special educated for trauma conscious care.

What profiles and age groups of learners are concerned by the organisation’s work?

8 / 37 Call 2022 Round 1 KA2 KA210-SCH – Small-scale partnerships in school education Form ID KA210-SCH-BB41AF51 Deadline (Brussels Time) 23 Mar 2022 12:00:00 EN The school is attended by 470 pupils, divided into 18 classes. There is also a special department for children with special needs. 25% of our pupils are newcomers. The project will involve as many of our students and teachers as possible. Our intention is also to include as many students with fewer opportunities/disadvantaged ones as possible, with the meaning to develop a more inclusive education and environment. Since the school started we have worked a lot with improving the study environment and in our evaluations we have noticed a higher level of secure students. But there is a lot more to do in many different aspects! Participating in this project will give us a lot of possibilities. By new approaching methods, as working with theatre and music, we also reach students who usually find ordinary school work difficult, or even boring, and those who feel excluded. Besides, and not least important, we learn other´s culture, understand each other better and work against radicalism.